Death Surpressants

DR623G also known as "Death Suppressants".


Death Suppressants allow magicians to live longer. Each 10mg dose of DR623G allows a magician to live for about 30 hours with no ill effects. Though some (Mako Fujisaki) can live longer than normal magicians consuming only one. Witches who don't consume a death suppressant will start to bleed through their skin and after 30 hours without consuming one drug, they will die. If they do consume one, the wounds will regenerate automatically.


Dresden Drug Manufacturing's Takayama Factory.


  • DR in "DR623G" stands for Dresden Drug Manufacturing.
  • 623 in "DR623G" identifies the type of drug.
  • G in "DR623G" identifies the factory where they are manufactured. In this case, the Takayama Factory.

EP 3 Screenshot 2

Neko & Ryouta outside the Takayama Factory


Death Suppressants. Ryouta identifying the serial number.

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