The Drassil released from Saori

"Drassil" is a term that refers to the alien organism that resides in the Harnessed of Magician's.


The Drassil has a slug-like appearance. They are green in colour and have many eyes and teeth located on its body.

The Grane, has a much different appearance then the normal Drassils, as it resembles a pure white spider-like creature, though since it never fully emerged from Kotori before being ejected its unknown what its full body looks like.


The Drassil is an alien life form residing inside the Harnessed of Magician's. Regular administrations of Death Suppressants are required in order for the life form to survive. They are the source of a Magician's power.

According to Miki, the Drassil is the true form of Magicians and that their consciousness now resides in the life form rather than their brains. She further elaborates that they're no longer human, and that their personalities are simply reproductions recreated within the Drassil. If enough time passes and the Magician continues to take the Death Suppressants, the life form will eventually hatch, devour its human body, and begin preying on humans.[1] The Grane, a different alien life form implanted in Kotori Takatori, is said to be capable of instantly destroying all life on the planet via cellular fusion, when it hatches.



Rurumi hatches.

In chapter 110, the Drassil of Rurumi hatches. She experiences nausea, headaches, and excessive sweating prior to hatching. Immediately before she hatches her headache becomes so intense that it feels like her head is splitting in two, causing her to unintentionally scream. Upon hatching her Harnessed opens and an enormous creature forces its way out of her Harnessed. It then proceeds to devour its former host.


  • Grani/Grane is the name of the horse owned by the hero Sigurd (who rescued and proposed to the valkyrie Brynhildr) from Norse mythology.
  • Grane is the name of Brundhilde's horse in the Ring Cycle.
  • Grani/Grane is a descendant of Odin's steed Sleipnir, which is an eight-legged horse, in Norse mythology.
  • Chapter 114 reveals that Hatching is not something that happens at random, though the specifics are currently not known. Onodera makes mention of this in a malicious tone, indicating that she is keeping it to herself for her own interests rather than the interests of The Organization.
  • A Drassil embryo that is grown without being placed inside a host looks like a human child, except for the fact it has no mouth and has eyes all over its head.
  • It is unknown if Evanent is what the Drassil were originally called. Mentioned by the Sorcerian in chapter 158.



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  2. Shown in episode 12 and chapter 74, when Miki was explaining the truth about witches.
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