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Biographical Information
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Classification Magician
Powers Teleportation
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 128
Anime n/a

Hrist (フリスト?); real name Eri (絵里?); is a Valkyria who awakened after the death of Mako Fujisaki. She is said to be the strongest Valkyria, surpassing all those before her.


She is a tall, attractive young girl. She has long white hair, which is always seen tied up into a ponytail.


She is a reserved, kind-hearted girl. However, after being forced to kill people, Eri starts to think that she is the strongest person in the world. Later, after being abused for the second time, her mind broke down. As a result, Eri is willing to obey Onodera to do whatever she says.


Hrist is awakened and placed in the care of Onodera. Hrist is initially stubborn and rebels against her. As such, Onodera uses multiple methods to break her, including brutally killing witches if she doesn't mercy kill them herself. When Hrist becomes hostile towards Onodera, Hrist is quickly put in her place when Onodera nullifies her anti-matter and delivers a powerful slap to the face. Onodera again puts Hrist in her place when Hrist tells her to kneel if she wants her support; Onodera complies, but suddenly head butts her. She tells Hrist that she is merely a pawn and her purpose in life is to be a tool for the Kings that would shape the country. This marks the point where Hrist is obedient to Onodera, and she later attacks a rally under her orders.

After completing the task that was given by Onodera, Hrist returns to Vingulf. Later, Hrist is killed and devoured by Loki, which caused Onodera to realized that Loki doesn't intend to devour Neko Kuroha, but Hrist instead. This causes Loki to grow to gargantuan proportions.


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