The "Harnessed" is a device that is implanted on the nape of the neck of all magicians by The Organization.


The Harnessed houses the Drassil of every Magician. The Organization is also able to use it to threaten the Magician into compliance by tracking them with a beacon and force ejecting them if they go against their mission.

The 3 ButtonsEdit

SpecialvsRegular Harnessed

Valkyria's Special Harnessed vs Neko's Regular Harnessed

  1. Top = Could either unlock a new ability or cause the drasil inside to take over the host
  2. Left = Force Eject
  3. Right = Hang Up

Special HarnessedEdit

Certain magician's have a unique harnessed on the nape of their necks. These harnessed look significantly different compared to the regular harnessed, lacking the three buttons and only having a hole in the middle. These harnessed cannot be ejected by pressing the button like the typical harnessed.

Currently, two of three owners of these special harnessed are known valkryie class magicians. Three people currently possess this special harnessed:


  • The "harnessed" is actually a type of nest.
  • "Harnessed" sounds like "her nest".
  • According to Kana Tachibana, the Harnest cannot be destroyed by any form of magic.
  • Chapter 114 reveals that Hatching is not something that happens at random, though the specifics are currently not known. Onodera makes mention of this in a malicious tone, indicating that she is keeping it to herself for her own interests rather than the interests of The Organization.
  • A Drassil embryo that is grown without being placed inside a host looks like a human child, except for the fact it has no mouth and has eyes all over its head.


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