Hexenjadg in the anime OP (from left to right: Long, Initializer, Miki, unnamed member).

Hexenjagd is a resistance group formed by former researchers that defected from The Organization due to the danger that they posed to the world. Hexenjagd is German for "witch hunt", making them aptly named.


Their goal, other than seeking to bring The Organization down, is to exterminate magician's, beings that are implanted with alien creatures that will eventually hatch and prey on humans. In particular, they seek to kill Kotori, a girl who hosts a creature known as a Grane that is said to be capable of exterminating all life on the planet when it hatches.


  • Miki - The primary contact between Hexenjagd and Ryouta's group. Despises Magician's but pities them at the same time.
  • Initializer - A short boy with the power to block out magic he is aware of. He is Hexenjagd's primary defense against hostile Magician's.
  • Long - A man with long blonde hair and glasses.
  • Unnamed male member - A member of Hexenjagd that is frequently seen with the group. He is German and cannot speak in Japanese.
  • Various other unnamed members, such as a girl with light hair and a hairband seen within their base.


  • Cooperates with the Astronomy Club in order to reach mutual goals. Tension exists because the group contains Magician's.
  • Some Vingulf researchers leak information to Hexenjagd, most notably Akane.


  • The broach that is on their coat might be the Hexenjagd symbol.


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