Biographical Information
Japanese Name イニシャライザー
Gender Male
Powers Nullification of magic
Voiced by
Voice Actor (Japanese) Junko Minagawa
Voice Actor (English) Meaghan Avocato
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 72
Anime Episode 12 – Hexenjagd

Initializer (イニシャライザー Inisharaizā?) (real name unknown) is a member of Hexenjagd. He is the primary defense against Magicians, possessing the ability to completely nullify their magic.


Initializer has a body of a little boy. He has apricot colored hair with dark blue eyes. Like other members of Hexenjagd he wears a long black priest robe with the Hexenjagd broach on his chest. He also wears a black hat like the other members.


Initializer first appears in chapter 72, appearing during the Observatory conflict between the Astronomy Club and Ichijiku Chisato and Mako Fujisaki. He accompanies Miki and the other members of Hexenjagd, using his ability to nullify magic to render the abilities of Mako unusable. However, Ichijiku shoots and grazes Initializer, allowing Mako the chance she needed to teleport herself, Ichijiku, and Kotori Takatori away.


Initializer possesses the ability to nullify magic, but he needs to know what magic the magician has before he is capable of nullifying it. He is only capable of nullifying magic for up to eight seconds, at which point he becomes visibly pained and begins to bleed from his mouth and nose. Miki states that he cannot use his powers within three days of a new moon. [1]

He appears to possess the ability to instantly destroy hatched Drassil's. When confronted with one in chapter 112 he is able to expunge it immediately by making a hand gesture.



Miki - Comrades. Seem to have an older sister and younger brother dynamic as they are occasionally seen arguing.


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