Biographical Information
Japanese Name キカコ
Gender Female
Status Presumably Deceased
Classification Magician
Powers Offense Cannon Magic
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 16
Anime Episode 5 – Astrological Observations

Kikako (キカコ Kikako?) is a rank AA+ magician, and was a minor antagonist. The Organization assigned her the task of hunting down the escaped magicians. Her identification number is 5010.


Kikako appears just after Kotori joins Ryouta and Neko's group of escaped witches. She has been charged with retrieving their Harnessed and her third target is Shino. She gets into a fight with Neko Kuroha, Ryouta Murakami and Kotori Takatori, where Ryouta is able to make Kikako's attacks near useless by telling Neko to sidestep the linear path of her beam. However, Kikako reveals a mini grapple hook concealed inside her sleeve that she uses to fire around Neko's arm and proceeds to pin Neko down in order to fire her beam directly into her face. While Kotori planned on changing places with Neko in order to save her life, Ryouta advises her to switch places with Kikako instead, which results in Kikako being restrained to the pole that Kotori had tied herself to.

Upon being found by Kurofuku, Kikako is returned to the lab; although she has succeeded in her mission, she is brutally interrogated about her contact with number 1107, Kotori.


Kikako's eyes have slitted pupils and the skin around them appears scaly. She doesn't speak very much. Inside her right sleeve is a barb on a cord, with which she ensnares opponents with in order to restrict their movements and ensure that her attacks are accurate.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kikako is an AA+ ranked magic user. Despite not being a hybrid with more than one form of magic at her disposal, the power and range of the beam she fires from her mouth qualifies her for this rank.

Though her ability has incredible destructive power, it is not particularly difficult to dodge the attack by side stepping out of the way, a fact that Ryouta was able to quickly deduce. She keeps a mini grappling hook inside her sleeve that she subdues her enemy with in order to counteract this very tactic.


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