Kogorou Hashiratani
Biographical Information
Japanese Name 柱谷 小五郎
Gender Male
Height 185 cm
Status Alive
Classification Human
Powers N/A
Voiced by
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kentaro Ito
Voice Actor (English) Jay Hickman
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 22
Anime Episode 6 – The Reason For Her Smile

Kogorou Hashiratani (柱谷 小五郎 Hashiratani Kogorō?) is a scientist, and Ryouta Murakami's uncle. He is also in charge of recreating the drug DR623G aka "Death Suppressants" for the magicians of the Astronomy Club. He was also in charge of finding out what was inside of the cylinder that Akane gave to Neko. Neko would eventually give it to Ryouta, stating that it contains a fertilized alien egg. Ryouta then gives the said container to Kogorou for further examination and he manages to make the alien hatch.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Kogorou has medium-length, black wavy hair and grey/blue eyes that he rarely opens. Most of the time, he is seen wearing a blue shirt and black pants together with a white lab coat. He also wears glasses. His personality and his manners are rather eccentric; Kogorou also is willing to risk his life for anything that stirs his interest.

Kogorou seems to greatly care about his nephew, as he agreed to help Ryouta with his wish to protect the Astronomy Club, where he willing to use any extreme methods necessary such as luring Makina to kill the president of America.


The Witches of the Astronomy Club are running low on medicine. Ryouta figures out that his genius uncle, Kogorou, should be able to replicate the formula for the medicine, and then begin mass produce.


Recreate the drug DR623G and uncover the truth regarding the magic-users and aliens.


Ryouta - Kogorou is his mother's brother, making him Ryouta's uncle. While Ryouta can sometimes be off put by his personality, he trusted Kogorou to make the death suppresents. Kogorou cares a great deal for his nephew despite how odd he can seem at times.

Ryouta's mother - Their relationships seem to be rather bad. She has once mentioned Kogorou in the manga, stating that "he is funny in his head" and suggested Murakami not to trust him too much.

The Astronomy Club - He is allied with the Astronomy Club to produce the drugs for the magic-users.

Ichijiku Chisato - They went to the same college. Kogorou is a genius, but compared to him, Chisato is still smarter.

Miyako - Kogorou's housekeeper/maid.


  • According to his character entry in BD material, Kogorou is 32 years old.
  • His character entry also states that he dislike to drink milk.
  • Kogorou will only travel as far as his feet can take him. Because of his chronical motion sickness, he refuses to take any automobiles or planes, and even refuses to cycle. Because of that, he will never be able to leave his hometown.
  • In the manga, he said multiple times that he is not interested in women. He even made a comment about how handsome has Ryouta become.
  • He has a particular way of drinking coffee, and holds the plate with the cup, rather then just the cup handle.

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