Magicians, also referred to as witches, are females that have been experimented on and who have been implanted with a Harnessed and an alien life form known as a Drassil by an organization known as Vingulf. The results of these experiments bestow these individuals with super human abilities, but require daily doses of Death Suppressants in order to survive. If Death Suppressants aren't taken, the magician's body will gradually degrade and they will die. If the magician survives long enough, the Drassil inside of them hatches, transforming them into an alien life form that hunts humans.


A magician can be identified by a circular device known as a Harnessed located on the nape of their necks. The harnessed is a nest for the Drassil, and the word "Harnessed" means "her nest."


Abilities vary widely from magician to magician. Some of the seen abilities:

  • Anti-matter creation
  • Teleportation
  • Foresight
  • Telekenisis
  • Technopathy
  • Regeneration




Ranks determine how powerful or useful a certain magic is. A magician can be ranked as high as SSS and as low as C.

Magic is not ranked on a static scale. Particularly useful magic, like Mizuka's ability to cause a 100% guaranteed future, can cause the magician to be ranked very highly despite the fact that her magic is only useful in certain situations.

Hybrids & ValkyriaEdit

Hybrids have the ability to use two or more types of magics. Their range of abilities often cause them to be ranked highly. Valkyrie or Valkyria is the strongest class beyond than other ranks classified by The Organization. It seems that all Valkyria are able to control antimatter, they're also have various abilities more than a hybrid.


  • Some Magicians wish to escape and live a normal life
  • The escaped B rank Magicians wish to get more "Death Suppressants."
  • The witches of the Astronomy Club wish to create the drug DR623G aka "Death Suppressants" in order to allow themselves to survive without having to steal more from Vingulf.
  • Some magicians, such as Mizuka, remain loyal to Vingulf in order to preserve their own lives.


  • Scattered throughout Japan (for magicians who escaped)
  • Vingulf (for magicians who have not escaped)
  • The old observatory (for the Astronomy Club magicians)

List of MagiciansEdit

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