Mina Tachibana
Biographical Information
Japanese Name 橘 美奈(たちばな みな)
Gender Female
Classification Human
Powers N/A
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 102
Anime N/A
Mina Tachibana (橘 美奈 Tachibana Mina?) was the long lost older sister of Kana Tachibana, the latter of which was kidnapped ten years prior. She is a reporter that was personally investigating The Organization in hopes that she would be reunited with her sister. This wish came true and the two became close until they were tearfully torn apart when Mina sacrificed her life to save Kana from a deadly attack from Makina.



A childhood picture of Kana and her sister.

She first appears in chapter 102 with her fellow reporter, investigating the damage Valkyria caused. She suspects the story that the media gave, that the damage was caused by bombs, and believes it to be related to The Organization. In chapter 104, she is meeting with her fellow reporter in a cafe. The man confronts her about her intention to investigate The Organization and warns her about the danger. She tells him that she realizes the danger and then ponders whether Kana is still alive after all the time that has passed.

She next appears in chapter 106, sitting naked at a PC in a hotel room while investigating the amount of children that went missing, trying to find cases related to The Organization. The man calls her and tells her to meet him at the restaurant, stating that he has a lead. They later meet and the man discusses Kurofuku, who miraculously survived being shot in the head. Though his brain is heavily damaged, Kurofuku is able to utter one word to the man, "Vingulf." Unfortunately, he is being monitored closely by the police to prevent him from escaping.

Realizing that this is the lead she was looking for, Kana's sister conspires to move Kurofuku away from the hospital. The next night, using the help of a greedy doctor to lure the policemen away, she and the man poses as doctors and gains access to Kurofuku's room. Though they were successful in getting into the room, they are confronted by a man who grows suspicious of them. Before the situation is able to escalate further, Rurumi's Drassil hatches, causing them to leave the room to see what was going on. Faced with the monstrosity, Kana's sister casually takes pictures of it while the man that was guarding Kurofuku decides to fight the Drassil before getting eaten moments later. She later notices Kana in the corner of the photo.

Mina later discovers Kana. While Kana is initially cold towards Mina due to having no memory of her and not wanting to involve her, the two eventually become close after Mina shares memories of their parents with her. Mina is the one who makes it possible for Kana to go on the trip with the rest of the astronomy club, Mina paying for the expenses. Unfortunately, Mina is killed by Makina on this trip, blocking the killing blow that was meant for Kana. Torn in half, she tearfully says goodbye to her sister.

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