Biographical Information
Japanese Name 美咲(みさき)
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Classification Magician
Powers Invisibility
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 108
Anime N/a

Misaki (美咲 Misaki?) is one of three magicians that Onodera sends out to kill Kurofuku.


While trying to accomplish their mission, the group runs across Kana and Kitsuka. The three magician's knew Kana when she was at the laboratory and expresses surprise that the once paralyzed Kana survived this long and that she could now walk. After Rurumi nearly kills Kana and Rie intervenes, the three magician's retreat. Before leaving, Misaki mentions that Kana should dispose of Kitsuka, who now knows the truth about Magician's.

Misaki appears again when the three magician's make an attempt on Kurofuku's life. She uses her magic to turn invisible and sneak into Kurofuku's room when Kana's Sister poses as a doctor to gain access to the room.

An invisible Misaki then saves Kitsuka when she almost get eaten by Rurumi, despite Kitsuka already knows about their secrets, but suddenly hung up and feels embarrassed to see her naked body, Rurumi decides to eat her, but Hexenjagd and Ryouta arrived at the hospital, as Initializer managed to defeat Rurumi, she wonders where is Rie and learns about her death. Later, Miki is pointing her gun to Misaki's head, and tries interrogate her, but she immediately dies in chapter 113 after ejected by The Organization.


Misaki is a friendly and bubbly individual, while also coming across as sarcastic and a bit of an airhead. She proves to be a bit of a klutz as she messed up her hair when she tried to cut it in anticipation of being able to finally go outside. Though it is unknown if they are required for her magic, her actions come across as somewhat exaggerated as she poses when using her magic.


Misaki has the power to turn her entire body invisible. Her clothes, however, do not turn invisible, so she is forced to be completely nude while using her abilities.

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