Rena Ichijiku
Biographical Information
Japanese Name 九 怜奈 (いちじく れな)
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Classification Human
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 75
Anime Episode 12 – Hexenjagd
Rena Ichijiku (九 怜奈 Ichijiku Rena?) is the little sister of Chisato Ichijiku. While she was young, she died in hospital. Chisato then made it his mission to revive her, using Kotori Takatori as a host. Because Rena's brain was still intact when she died, Chisato was able to feed her brain to a special witch parasite called a "Grane", implant it into Kotori, and attempt to revive his sister.

Although this attempt seemed to fail, in the last moments of Kotori Takatoris life, Takatori seems to recognise herself as Chisatos sister, proving that the resurrection did in fact happen, even if it was for only a short while.


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