Biographical Information
Japanese Name 理依(りえ)
Gender Female
Classification Magician
Powers Unknown
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 108
Anime N/a

Rie (理依 Rie?) is one of three magicians that Onodera sends out to kill Kurofuku. She is the leader.


While trying to accomplish their mission, the group runs across Kana and Kitsuka. The three magician's knew Kana when she was at the laboratory and express surprise that the once paralyzed Kana survived this long and that she could now walk. After Rurumi nearly kills Kana, Rie intervenes and the three magician's retreat.

Rie appears again with Rurumi and Misaki while attempting to assassinate Kurofuku in his hospital room. Misaki uses her power to turn invisible to infiltrate the room while Rie and Rurumi stand outside. Suddenly, Rurumi hatches and attempts to devour Rie. Kana attempts to save her, but gets both of her legs bitten off. Believing the monster to be Rurumi, Rie sacrifices herself and allows it to devour her out of guilt; the creature proceeds to bite her head off before devouring the rest of her body.

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