Biographical Information
Gender Female
Status Hatched/Deceased
Classification Magician
Powers Manipulation of others via a doll.
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 108
Anime N/a

Rurumi (るるみ Rurumi?) is one of three magicians that Onodera sends out to kill Kurofuku.


Rurumi has poor control of her emotions and comes off as childish. She expresses extreme jealously and nearly kills Kana when she learns that Kana is able to live a normal life when she could not.



Rurumi hatches.

While trying to accomplish their mission, the group runs across Kana and Kitsuka. The three magician's knew Kana when she was at the laboratory and express surprise that the once paralyzed Kana survived this long and that she could now walk. Rurumi confronts Kana, angry that Kana is able to live outside freely, and uses her powers to attempt to kill her. She then turns her attention to Kitsuka, but Kana intervenes. The squad leader, Rie, intervenes at this point and Rurumi stands down and the three magician's retreat.

The three magician's begin their mission to assassinate Kurofuku in chapter 110. Rurumi feels sick, initially stating that she might throw up. She gradually becomes worse and begins to sweat and her head begins to feel like it's going to split open. Suddenly, Rurumi's drasil suddenly hatches and quickly devours her motionless body before turning its attention to a crying Rie.

Rurumi is killed when Hexenjagd arrives on the scene and she is expunged by Initializer.


Rurumi is able to "lock on" onto her target and prevent their body from moving. In this state she is able to manipulate their actions using a doll. She displays this against Kana, where she slams her doll against the floor, causing Kana to face dive into the dirt herself and nearly tears her head off by removing the doll's head. She then locks onto Kitsuka and throws her doll into the air, causing Kitsuka herself to go flying into the sky and almost plummet to her death. However, she is powerless when her doll is not in her possession.


  • Kana mentions that Rurumi wets the bed.
  • Rurumi becomes the first magician to have their Drasil hatch in chapter 110.
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