Biographical Information
Japanese Name シノ
Gender Female
Birthday July 18
Height 168 cm
Weight 49 kg
Blood Type O
Status Deceased
Classification Magician
Powers Zoolingualism
Media Debut
Anime Episode 5-6

Shino (シノ Shino?) is a minor character of Gokukoku no Brynhildr. She is a magician but her rank is unknown. She escaped during the attack on the magicians being transported along with Kuroneko, Kazumi, Kana, and the rest.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Shino has black hair tied up with a blue scrunchy into a long ponytail. She is seen wearing a pink shirt, white pleated skirt, and black flats.

During her short appearance, she is shown as kind-hearted and friendly with animals. She takes the stray cat who warned her of a magician hunting her with her as she flees for safety. When Kikako is about to kill her with her beam, Shino tells the cat to stay put before she sacrifices herself, which kept the cat safe from harm.

Plot Edit

Shino appears in Episode 5 and 6 of the anime. She is homeless and trying to survive after escaping the lab. During her appearance, she is being hunted down by a Rank AA+ magician, Kikako, who manages to follow her to a warehouse and then the lake. Kuroneko and Ryouta go to the lake to try and save her after she sends a distressed call over the walkie talkies they all use. The walkie talkie's battery is about to die. In the end, Shino sacrifices herself and is killed by Kikako's beam.

Powers and Abilities Edit

It is only shown for a moment but Shino seems to have Zoolingualism, the ability to communicate with (or at least understand) animals. Her ear glows when a stray cat comes near her, seemingly communicating with Shino that Kikako is nearby. This gives her the chance to escape the warehouse she was taking shelter in right before Kikako attacks it.

Relationships Edit

  • Kuroha Neko - Neko says she was friends with Shino before escaping.
  • Kazumi Schlierezauer- shino calling kazumi that she is hunted by a AA+

Gallery Edit

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