Biographical Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Classification Sorcerian
Powers Magic Immunity

Drasil Control
Genetic Memory

Media Debut
Manga Chapter 44

The Sorcerian (ソーサリアン Sōsarian?), also known as God, is the source of the drasils and the entire reason behind The Organizations existence. His lab number was A008.


In its first appearance the Sorcerian resembled something like an alien insectoid-like ball of flesh, then after awakening it assumed a humanoid form even though it is not human biologically or otherwise and has a genetic structure that is completely foreign to earth. It also features a strange set of wing like appendages growing from its back that it can shape into various forms.


From what little we see of Sorcerian's personality, it appears to be a fairly calm entity as it is willing to talk with what it considers as nothing more then food (humanity), it only loses its composure once it learns that Loki has been revived as well. It also has demonstrated an incredible amount of patience, as it was completely conscious and aware since the beginning of Vingulf, and could easily leave at any time it wanted but it waited for a Valkyria be brought to it first.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Not much is known about the original's powers, only that he is apparently immune to all forms of magic, including Makina's. He can also control drasils, as he was able to transform part of his body into the form of a hatched drasil. The Sorcerian apparently has a form of genetic memory that's independent of its brain, as it remembered events that happened over 500,000 years ago as if it was just yesterday.


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