Biographical Information
Japanese Name 高千穂
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Classification Human (Hybrid;half human,half alien)
Powers Unknown
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 87

Takachiho (高千穂?) is the leader of Vingulf Institute. Takachiho only plays a small amount of role in the beginning of the series. After the Valkyria arc, he develops a bigger role and becomes a major antagonist. He is also the father of Ryouta Murakami and Yuuta Murakami.

Appearance Edit


Takachiho in shadow.

Before his full appearance revealed, Takachiho's figure was always blurred in shadow. He has light colored slicked back hair, round glasses, and a long robe.

Takachiho, Ryouta's dad is said to be dead after an unfortunate car accident apparently killing his brother Yuuta too.

However, as Yuuta (Makina) and Takachiho are revealed to be alive further in the story it is possible that this accident was used to erase themselves from public records and for him to start his plot to Ragnarok.

Although he is the main antagonist and it seems like he wants to be the God and use Ragnarok to his profit, his last words to Ryouta were 'a father will always love his son'.

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