• The Organization in the anime.
  • The Organization in the manga.

Vingulf (ヴィンガルフ Vingarufu?), also known as Witch's Palace (魔女の宮殿 Majo no Kyūden?), V Insitute (V機関 V Kikan?), or simply The Organization, is the sole opposite HexenjagdHexenjagd and The Organization are actually enemies in terms of their objectives. They are owners of Dresden Pharmeceutical which produces DR623G aka "Death Suppressants".


The main objective and reason why The Organization existed is yet to be revealed. However, one of their objectives is to harvest the "Grane" in order to destroy all living beings on Earth. It is currently unknown why they wanted to harvest implanted aliens to destroy the Earth. The Organization is assumed to have existed for at least a decade - from Neko's incident that resulted her to be one of their experiments known as Magicians, and they implanted a special device at the nape of their necks, called the Harness. One of it's use is to eject the host.


It is unknown how many locations they have. Some of the known are below -

  • Vingulf



  • The Astronomy Club (because it contains escaped witches)
  • Hexenjagd (because they are trying to stop The Organization from completing their objective)
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